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But, to be sure, If the returns achieved through this “variation” Had been good I may possibly said “nicely, right. I guess it’s undertaking. they need to know what they’re doing so I’ll leave it alone, But the returns were unpleasant! for example,

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this year, The S is up over 15%, But the collection was up only 7%. Now the portfolio was supposedly managed conservatively, As per my dad’s or mom’s wishes, And this could certainly justify the underperformance this year. But if it underperforms during bull markets due to a practical focus, It should conversely out perform during bear markets. But when I looked back to 2007 2009 to see how the portfolio had performed during the great recession I found that their portfolio was down just as much as the market. actuality, The Fidelity website itself reports that the usefulness of their portfolio, overall, Significantly lagged the market in the last ten years. Did they make up for this under exercise by producing excellent income? never. As i pointed out, The yield was approximately 1.5%. So they gave my parents poor

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cheap redskins jerseys income and poor total returns. And for this horrible function they charged my parents over $3700 dollars in fees this year alone! Fidelity really should not charging that kind of money for serving my parents so poorly.