Are you a jerk if you say no to someone offering to be your sponsor in a MLM company, And then turn around and join another that is part of the same company?

For some reason there is an unwritten rule that you must join up with the first person that presented you with a home business opportunity for a particular MLM company.

Let’s say that a new company has just taken off and is growing at a serious pace near your home. You get invited to lunch for a short sales presentation with a prospective sponsor and her upline member and afterwards you tell them that you want a few days to think things over.

Then the next time, You get another invite to attend a live online business opportunity meeting. You know it is for the same company. You have some interest in the company but are most certainly not interested in being sponsored by the second person so you thank him and tell him you are not interested.

lastly, You get a call some time later by a very dynamic, Well respected and liked person that has a huge circle of influence. You suddenly become very interested in the option if for no other reason than to work closely with her as your sponsor. china cheap jerseys You show up to the live meeting with her and end up joining her team.

Did you do anything whatsoever wrong or unethical? it could seem so when the first two prospective sponsors think you are a jerk and your new sponsor is a cross recruiting crook. truthfulness did not make any verbal commitments or promises to the first two people, you have carried out nothing wrong.

make sure your new sponsor did not knowingly try to convince you to join them instead, They have done nothing wrong. It might be courteous of them to encourage you to work with the most important aspect two people as soon as they find out you are in the process of researching the company, But that does NOT mean you need to join up with the first person you spoke with.

Who said you’ve got to join up with the first person that offered you an opportunity just because they were the first?

Should you marry the first person that asks you to marry them just because they were the first and that is the ‘polite’ thing to do?

Why should life changing business career decisions have less importance than any other crucial aspect can ever have?

You can’t bother about doing the ‘polite’ thing here. You join up with the sponsor that you believe can have display options for greatest chance of success and an enjoyable and learning experience.

It would be polite on your side to give wholesale football jerseys full disclosure to the first two people you spoke with. Be up front and honest along. Thank them for presenting the opportunity and then let them know that you decide to sign up under someone else. Make it clear that it was your selection to do this. You don’t have to give them the reasons why if child.

If they still think you and the new sponsor are jerks, do not allow it get to you. they’ve got chosen to take offense when none was intended. deciding on the best sponsor can be a positive and life changing experience. Choosing any old sponsor on a whim could end up being an irritating and negative experience.

invest some time and make decisions that will have the greatest improvement on you, all your family members, And your own debt future. It might mean that somebody’s feelings could get hurt somewhere in the act. Hopefully that’s false, But just use prudence and exercise integrity when making these important business decisions. Lang is married to his best friend and has 3 energetic children. He teaches Biology and coaches hockey, play fighting, And weight-lifting at the wholesale jerseys high school level. He enjoys spending quality time along with family, going with trips, the outside, Fly fishing, enjoying movies, reading my article, And soothing. He runs a powerful business as President of BHF Solutions, corporation. He believes he can help you get more of what you desire out of life. to locate more about how he can do that, And to get a FREE gift, pay a visit to,